Saturday, June 1, 2013

We took Matthew and Isabella to a new hamburger restaurant here in Hesperia. Another family sat next to us. They too appear to be grandparents with two teen boys. When we finished eating Matthew hugged me and kissed me on the forehead; with emotion I said in a whisper 'I know you are growing up and soon you'll detach more and more from me, and that is okay. But , please never forget all the wonderful times we have shared, all of our adventures'. Even before I finished talking he was saying 'How could I forget Guga, I love you, I could never forget all you have done for me' he kissed me again. We hugged...

As we were walking out, the lady sitting next to us called me, and said, 'What a wonderful boy! Is he your son?' I answered 'Grandson', she and her husband couldn't stop smiling at me in wonder, she said 'Oh, how wonderful! He seems to be such a caring, loving young man. Congratulations!' and turning to her own grandson, she kidded, 'Why can't you be like that?' They all smiled big. I felt realized. 

your amazing love
touches my heart delights me
beloved grandson


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